The Challenge

Water has impact on everything. We can’t sustain life on earth without it and there is no replacement. Climate change increasingly affects our access to water, its quality and its capacity as a source of nutrition, while population growth and urbanization leads to higher water demand.

The Solution

Water plays a pivotal role in how the world mitigates and adapts to the effects of climate change. Solutions range from shifting to a sustainable ‘blue economy’, addressing shortages in already water-stressed regions through technology, addressing water use in agriculture and production processes, and dealing with wastewater streams.

The Market Opportunity

The ‘blue economy’ alone represents roughly €2.5 trillion in annual output and is expected to grow at twice the rate of the mainstream economy. Water scarcity is now driving demand for smart technology solutions, with water leakage being a key contributor to global water loss, currently valued at $40 billion per year.

The Impact

Investments in water solutions tackle several key Sustainable Development Goals like Good Health & Wellbeing, Clean Water & Sanitation, Sustainably Cities & Communities, Responsible Consumption & Production, Climate Action & Life Below Water.

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