Impact Funds

Collective Action uses its vast network and research capability to identify relevant themes and opportunities world-wide. Our focus is on high quality investment opportunities with a very clear theory of change.

Pre-screened 1350+ private markets' funds

Analyzed 685+ thematic funds

Meet with 150+ thematic impact investment managers per year


More and more leading investors have identified thematic private markets’ investing as an important next step. However, the implementation of a high quality measurable impact program is proving to be a challenge, as the current state of the impact universe is not ticking all the institutional boxes as yet.

We help to build this bridge, by working closely with 1) the investors to share research, provide insight and pool resources, and 2) the investment managers by helping them to significantly scale, accelerate and support the professionalisation of their institutional investment offerings (eg impact management and measurement, institutional quality fund requirements and terms).

Collective Action’s research focuses on:

  • Fund size  €100M and higher
  • Single or Multi-theme specialisation
  • Private Markets
  • First time funds and teams are also considered
  • Geographic focus: all regions
  • Targeting market-rate returns and measurable impact

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