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Climate Solutions

The Challenge

Today, 59% of GHG emissions remain trapped in the atmosphere with current carbon sinks and removal processes proving insufficient. In order to avoid more than 1.5C of warming, the world now has to decarbonise at 12.9% a year, over eight times the rate historically achieved since 2000 according to PwC. With the global economy on a projected path to producing an estimated 2.4C of warming, this is ‘code red for humanity’.

The Solution

In order to achieve net-zero by 2050, we must scale existing and emerging technologies and design new ones to redefine industries across the economy from transportation to agricultural production and the buildings we live in. These three industries alone contribute 46% of global GHG emissions.

The Market Opportunity

A 2018 GCEC report shows that the Paris Accords helped open up $26 trillion in opportunities for those helping transition us to a low-carbon economy by 2030 across five sectors: energy, cities, food and land use, water and industry.

The Impact

Investments in the transition to a low-carbon economy represent an attempt to reduce or mitigate 59% of today’s GHG emissions across an incredibly broad range of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals including Climate Action, Affordable and Clean Energy, Life on Land and Sustainable Cities and Communities.

Together we can change the way we invest

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