Hello world!

Collective Action is here! A first of its kind large-scale impact investment collaboration platform of like-minded, leading institutional investors in impact private markets.

We believe that the whole is greater than the sum of parts!

This realisation inspired us to start this journey 24 months ago. We launched Collective Action to help investors overcome the hurdles they face in realising their impact ambitions and, in doing so, catalyse institutional capital at scale into impact investing. So here we are today with 12 passionate, experienced professionals connected through their affinity with investing and making an impact. We have joined forces to search for and find the best investment solutions that can create positive change and deliver strong investment returns.

The time to act is now. Our planet is facing massive environmental and social challenges – the climate crisis, hunger, shortage of clean water, lack of responsible consumption and the global COVID pandemic, to name just a few. Governments alone cannot solve these problems. We can each choose to play our part and take responsibility. Institutional capital is critical to scale, professionalise and mainstream impact investing and accelerate the required paradigm shift. The universe of investment opportunities in the space is of high quality and is growing rapidly. It is time to act together, collaborate, and connect our individual “dots”  to make this much-needed shift together.

At Collective Action, we are using our experience and resources to play our part and serve this impact ecosystem by building bridges for investors to come together for the benefit of us all and our planet.

Join us on this important journey!